Remember the gift of being woman – able to create life.

The challenge starts as soon as you cross the door. Every pregnancy shows a different and unique woman. I always make sure I get to know you before we start, I like to take care of every detail of the transformation, whether it is only you or with your partner. Hair and make up will be personalised for this special moment, capturing the uniqueness of you through a unique photograph.

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Our memory quickly forgets details we once knew. They become a blurred image of the past. A photograph will capture these important moments and emotions.  For ever.

Newborns’ features, postures, gestures change very quickly that is why we love to be there and aim  for first photographic sessions to take place early on in your baby’s life. It is paramount to spend enough time to capture the moment we are looking for. Each session is different and we will take care of your specific needs – and those of your baby.

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Photographs to treasure that will place a smile in your face every time you look at them.

After 6 months babies engage with others around them. And through the lens of my camera, I will look for a look in their eyes, an expression, and a gesture that characterises them. I like the image to show the innocence of the younger years.


Families and groups:

Images of togetherness to treasure forever

It is always the right time to photograph your family and friends. A tradition we should not loose.


My portraits:

Let me capture you!.

A great idea as a present, why not to yourself?  You can be a model for the day.

After many years in the fashion world I now want to turn your portrait into a fashion show where you are the main character. Sharp colours on black and white backgrounds. We will try different hair and make up during the session, all done by myself.

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Images will be processed and treated to get the best results. We will select an ample number of images for you to choose from and take with you.  We will provide images in digital format in high resolution so you always have the original photograph ready.

And you can choose from a selections of products to keep your pictures in the format you want : albums, books, bookmarks, cards, prints… all with different finishing touches, in many shapes and sizes.