About me

Enthusiastic about the image and specialized in the portrait Enthusiast for Women; Working the body and emotions implies an absolute respect. To get it technically, to create and finally to surprise, is my personal challenge. That is why it is important to know before the session in my studio. Without connection, there is no creation I will show you my work that I do not expose to the public due to their personal and intimate character.

With more than 20 years working in the image industry I invite you to look at my work: www.evasanzmakeup.com

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BIO EVA SANZ. A dream of lipstick

Flowers’ skirts

I am not sure when exactly I fell in love with the world of image and fashion because I have a feeling it has always been the case. At home no one used make up and the only thing I could paint with was my Alpino crayons, those were my first lipsticks, eye shadow and blushes. Just picture that, not a pretty sight but I’d rather have that than no make up. When I was six I grabbed one of my Grandma’s lipsticks. It was a bright red one that on and around my tiny lips made my dreams fly far away. I dreamt of pink pleated skirts and skirts with butterflies that would dance to music and were worn by women with astonishing hairstyles and long necks. Since then I live to make that dream come to life.

The journey

When I was seventeen I packed my bags. . I said goodbye to my family, I made a promes to my Mum that I would eat all the food she sent me and, since there is no sea in Madrid, I went to Barcelona. In my luggage there were lots of skirts with butterflies, some pleated ones and a big dream to conquer the world. I was full of innocence but as the saying goes innocence comes out of you when life hits you and it came out of me pretty quickly. I studied to become a make up artist, ???, music, drawing, theatre, languages and hairdressing, I needed to learn it all, it was almost compulsive. I started working as a hostess on some TV shows until I made it to make up artist in TV programmes such as Surti com surti and Ja hi som. I have applied rimmel and blush to Naomi Campbell, Iman and Valeria Mazza. It now surprises me when I look back but at the time I just wanted them to feel the prettiest they had ever been. When the doors of TV shut the window of film and publicity opened. Drama v. glitter. Film v. flash. And I was not only asked about make up but also about image for models, singers, actors, politicians. Fascinating. I travelled the world with my make up case and lots of energy. It has been 20 years of craziness, without holidays, work was too intense, one project leads to another and there is no time to stop.

The stop


The day I fell pregnant and on my own I stopped. I had to find myself and start discovering my own way. I created my space, the Taller, where anything related to image is possible. Together with other professionals we created a professional make up line of new products. I started teaching others who would become experts in make up and hair and this developed a new desire in me: I wanted to grow closer to the real working women. I was used to models and celebrities and I wanted to help real women become models. That is how I decided to specialise in bridal make up, so that on their special day they would feel like a superstar walking the red carpet. The dream of lipstick started to become real. We meet, we talk, and we get to know each other, secrets, laughs, thoughts dilemmas… Trying to get the essence of someone’s personality so that it leads to my biggest goal: fear and hesitation turns into absolute confidence when the bride looks at Herself in the mirror. A piece of my heart goes away with each Bride and I remember all of them, whether the wedding takes place in Venice, Seville, Madrid or Formentera

The passion


I have always preferred publicity shoots to TV commercials and for 20 years I worked with the best photographers in the world. I can’t choose one. I have learned from all of them. I can’t even single out Annie Leibovitz with whom I worked at a Dove international campaign. My love for photography has grown. Slowly. First I felt admiration, then hunger to learn and finally passion and obsession. Again a dream of lipstick. As I write this I realise it is always my stomach who leads these decisions, a knot in my stomach does not let me sleep, a knot of such intense excitement it almost hurts and tells me what to do. Photography allows me to close the circle: I can take a picture to get proof of a woman’s beauty, an undeniable proof so that she knows she is beautiful and unique. I like women, I like the voluptuous stage of pregnancy, the strength of those carrying life. And new lives, tiny and fragile but braver than the eye can see. And real women, the one I may meet at a café, the one with whom I cross path when I walk to the tube, the one who calls because her husband left, the one who never felt pretty and is left gobsmacked looking at her shots finding it hard to believe it is her. After a shot most say thank you but the one who is thankful is me because my dream of lipstick has become true.


She never thought she was pretty, she hated her eyes, they were too big and she thought if someone had ever said she was beautiful it was because they were being polite. That was until she met her. She went up the stairs to her house with hesitation, a bit nervous, also a bit excited. In a moment Eva’s sweet and reassuring voice calmed her down. She had her eyes done whilst they talked about non important things that without them realising lead to a more serious conversation. She placed a silk scarf around her chest; they waited until eight to take advantage of the light of the end of the day and started shooting. They talked about themselves, about men, friendship and relationships, about passion for work, their dreams and frustrations. Eva smiled behind the camera and she, for the first time, linked the world beautiful with sincerity. It was three hours of rimmel and sharing, of a lot of fun and a fan, a big fan. Even before looking at the photos she felt beautiful. And she did not need a man to say so, for the past three hours she had known she was beautiful.Q.